Jennifer Diakiesse is the founder and creative director of J.Diakiesse. We started this brand in 2020. This is an emerging women's wear brand.

J.Diakiesse is a sustainable fashion brand. she wanted to create a brand ethos which would reflects her vegan lifestyle and her love for nature. She designs sustainable fashion from eco friendly fabrics, Recycled fabrics, organic fabrics and locally sourced to cut down on carbon footprint. Some of the fabrics used consist of bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and linen. Gaining inspiration her African Congolese heritage mixed with urban British subculture to create contemporary, edgy sustainable fashion for the conscious consumer with a bold chic style. We believe you can still be sustainable and rock cool fashionable look  for everyday classic pieces and occasion pieces.   We also provide a bespoke one to one service where you can have beautiful hand crafted pieces made. Together lets change the world in style.